About Me

I’ve had animals since I was a child, enjoy looking after them and sharing in their life-affirming personalities.

You can rest easy knowing that if you put animals in my care, you’re leaving them with someone committed to their wellbeing.

Before I begin a stay, I want to know all I can about them—the exercise they’re used to, what they like, any illnessess they might have, things they don’t like and so on.

Booboo and Ted

Though I give my attention and care to animals, that doesn’t mean looking after houses is an afterthought.

I want to keep your house in tip top shape. Clean, tidy, as good looking or better than when you left.

I appreciate home sitting because it enables me to see different parts of the country, even overseas, and still have a roof over my head.

There’s no way I want to jeopardise that by not paying attention to where I’m staying.

So if you choose me to look after what’s close to you, you can expect a high level of care.

I look forward to putting your mind at ease by taking the best care I can of your animals, your home or both.

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